National Energy Efficiency Action Plan (NEEAP)

In October 2016, SEU finalized the preparation of Bahrain’s first National Energy Efficiency Action Plan (NEEAP). The Plan was endorsed by the Cabinet of Bahrain in January 2017. NEEAP sets the target, and proposes comprehensive set of initiatives to achieve the target and unlock energy efficiency potential in the Kingdom

NEEAP represents the Kingdom’s efforts to deliver the sustainable energy transition envisioned in the Economic Vision 2030. The Plan also represents the implementation of the Kingdom’s international commitments under the Paris Agreement, the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, and the League of Arab States Renewable Energy Framework.

The Plan sets a national energy efficiency target of 6% by 2025. A total of 22 initiatives are proposed within the Plan to achieve the target. The initiatives cover all sectors of economy and target efficiency improvements in both energy supply and demand.

NEEAP was prepared by SEU through broad consultations with key government and private-sector institutions.

NEEAP Executive Summary

NEEAP full report