Net Metering Policy                                                                                   

The Kingdom of Bahrain’s Vision 2030 is to protect the natural environment, reduce carbon emissions, minimise pollution and promote the sourcing of more sustainable energy. Net Metering is one of the three policies envisioned in the National Renewable Energy Action Plan to encourage the uptake of renewable energy in the Kingdom. This policy allows individuals, companies and industries to install solar and other renewable energy systems on their properties, connect these systems to the EWA electricity network and benefit from this clean and renewable energy source.

The Net Metering Policy was approved by the Cabinet’s Resolution no. 2 of 2017 and appeared in the National Gazette on 28 December 2017. This resolution bolsters the Vision 2030 goals, the Government Action Plan 2015-2018 and ties in with the Kingdom’s obligations under various international treaties such as the Paris Agreement, UN Sustainable Development Goals, particularly SDG 7 – Affordable and clean energy.

The installation of renewable energy systems through the Net Metering Policy allows for citizens and residents to

  • reduce their dependence on fossil fuelled electricity generators,
  • reduce their power bills,
  • contribute to a cleaner environment,
  • reduce their carbon footprint,
  • generate high value jobs
  • generate investment opportunities

All of the above benefits are achieved while contributing towards the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 and international.

The Kingdom’s Electricity and Water Authority is the main authority responsible for the implementation of Net Metering scheme. SEU provides support to all parties who are interested in benefiting from Net Metering.

EWA approved list of solar equipment

Net Metering Resolution 2017

Impact on Aviation

Connection Guidelines

Inspection and Testing Guidelines

Inspection and Testing Checklists

Design Recommendations

Fire Safety recommendations

Standards for Solar PV systems connected to the distribution networks

Solar PV Connection Process

Solar PV System Design Application

Application for Preliminary Approval of Solar PV Systems

Application for Solar PV Systems Commissioning & Grid-Connection

Eligibility Criteria for the Consultants & Contractors to be Enrolled with EWA’s DRRG Solar PV List

Equipment Meeting Eligibility Requirements for EWA Distributed Renewable Resource

List of Approved Contractors & Consultants​​​​