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National policies and regulations

Economic Vision 2030

The Economic Vision 2030 was launched in October 2008 by His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa. It is a comprehensive economic development program based upon three core principles of sustainability, fairness and competitiveness.

Electricity law No (1) 1996

The Electricity Law sets the legislative and normative framework for the regulation of generation, distribution and transmission of power in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

Net Metering Resolution

This Resolution established a legislative framework regulating the connection of renewable energy generators to the electricity distribution system. The Net Metering Resolution encourages the public and commercial entities to generate electricity from renewable energy sources.

Regulation of Non – Directional Household Lamps

This regulation establishes requirements for the placing on the market of non-directional household lamps, including when they are marketed for non-household use or when they are integrated into other products. It also establishes product information requirements for special purpose lamps.

Regulation of Energy Labelling and Minimum Energy Performance Requirements for Airconditioners 

This regulation specifies the energy labelling requirements and the Minimum Energy Performance Standard (MEPS) requirements for single package (such as window type) and split-system run ducted air conditioners.

Guidelines for Thermal Insulation Implementation

These Guidelines for Thermal Insulation Implementation provides guidance to the implementation of the obligatory thermal insulation in all buildings in the Kingdom of Bahrain.