The Sustainable Energy Unit (SEU) with the support of the Office of the Ministry of Electricity and Water Affairs and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) organized and launched the first training on energy audit to be ever held in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Energy audit is the first crucial step to ensure energy efficiency in any facility. Energy audit assesses how much energy facility consumes and helps identify what measures should be taken to make facility energy efficient. There is a large global market of energy service providers, who specialize in energy audits for industrial, residential and other facilities. In Bahrain, this is an emerging and very promising market due to the public demand and the climate conditions, which make energy efficiency a basic necessity. The energy audit course will run for five days from July 29th to August 2nd. The training course consists of lectures, interactive workshops, round table discussions, on-site demonstrations and guided energy audit conducted by an expert European energy audit company. The training aims to develop and consolidate local capacity in energy auditing and to ensure a consistent standard of energy audit report. It also helps contracted auditors familiarize themselves with a newly developed framework for energy audits.This training course, among other existing and emerging initiatives, is an integral part of the ongoing work aimed to promote awareness of energy efficiency practices, build the capacity of local private and public stakeholders, and encourage energy efficiency as a lifestyle choice in the Kingdom of Bahrain.