The Sustainable Energy Unit (SEU) in cooperation with the Electricity and Water Authority (EWA) with support of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) invite companies with Company Registration (CR) in Electrical Installation and/or Solar Installation to nominate a qualified person to participate in the fifth batch of the 5-day intensive training course on “Installing Solar PV Systems in the Kingdom of Bahrain” from 7th to 11th April 2019.

The Training Course will be held at the EWA Training Centre in Sitra from 08:00 to 17:00. The training is free of charge.

Minimum requirements for nominated training course participants:

All participants shall have following minimum related work experience:

–           Minimum four (4) years of electrical construction-related work experience with a licensed contractor, or,

–           Minimum four (4) years as a professional technician/engineer with documented experience in design and installation of electric systems (e.g. system designer, project manager, site manager, foreman, electrician, system engineer), or,

–           Minimum one year of solar PV systems installation experience.

Companies with CR in Consultancy working in the field of solar energy are also invited to nominate one person to participate in the course to enhance their knowledge of installing Solar PV systems in Bahrain.

Upon successful completion of the training course and passing the exam, the training course participants will receive a Certificate.

The Certificate will enable the participants to become authorized Solar PV Installers in the Kingdom of Bahrain, with the condition that the company will have to either sub-contract EDD licensed engineer/technician for grid-connection process or have such person within the company.

Course registration:

The Companies should send their nominations and other details to the Sustainable Energy Unit on the following email: with a subject line “Nomination for Solar PV Training Course” and include the following information:

  1. Completed registration form, which is available below and should include:
    1. Company name, CR
    2. Full name of the nominated participant and position
    3. CPR (smart card) details
    4. Contact details
    5. Letter of Nomination
    6. Letter of Undertaking
  2. CV
    • Indicate number of years of work experience
    • Experience in Solar PV systems (if any)

Should the number of applicants exceed the available space, the Training Course Organizers reserve the right to select the participants based on their qualifications and experiences.

The deadline to submit nominations is 27th March 2019. Applications submitted after the deadline will not be considered.

Please click on the following links to download:

Application Form – fifth batch

Letter of Nomination

Letter of Undertaking