Wind Atlas

In 2017, the Sustainable Energy Unit has commissioned EMD International A/S, leading Danish consultancy in the field of wind resource assessment to develop a comprehensive wind atlas for the Kingdom of Bahrain. The wind resources map has been developed using modern flow modelling techniques to calculate the wind speeds using an advanced microscale-mesoscale downscaling model approach. The model results have been validated using ground measurements at lower heights. The main map shows the annual average wind speeds at 100 m above the terrain and at 250 m spatial resolution. The Mesoscale modelled annual wind speeds map shows the results of the mesoscale modelling as the mean wind speed including the Exclusive Economic Zone for the 20 years modelling period (1997-2016) and at 100m above ground level.

The wind conditions in the Kingdom of Bahrain are considered moderate. However, given modelled wind conditions, it is shown that modern, dedicated low wind turbines is a robust technology that will operate at reasonable capacity factors. Wind conditions – in general – most favorable along the coastline and to the south – outside the urbanized areas in the northern part of Bahrain Island. Offshore wind farms could be considered, potentially to the north where the wind conditions are favorable and the water areas are fairly shallow.

Wind Atlas Report

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